Sales Management Coaching

How to improve your sales teams performance using simple coaching techniques!

Sales Management Coaching is vitally important for every business. If we can improve our sales team’s average performance, then we will reap the rewards exponentially. So, understanding the main areas and being able to implement them as a Sales Manager will enable you and your sales team to become more effective, and achieve better results.

Learn how to create the right environment for effective Sales Coaching with your Sales team. What are some of the business coaching issues to consider and how do you overcome them? In this course are many practical hints and tips that you can apply straight away – to improve your sales team’s performance and smash your targets!

This valuable course consists of eleven ‘short and sweet’ videos and is further supported with 18 downloadable guides in total highlighting what’s needed to be an effective sales coach. It forms a comprehensive package, providing you with all the tools you need.

It helps you understand the key principles around the sales coaching function and as an established or aspiring Sales Manager, you will learn how to coach your sales team using simple, yet proven techniques.

What will you gain from this course?

Not only will this programme ensure that individuals within your sales team see the value of the coaching input that you give to them – both individually and as a group, but they will also be able to implement the actions that you have agreed between you and realise far more sales success through their selling activities.

What’s inside?

11 Videos of varying lengths and in bite sized chunks – enough to give you what you need to be an effective Sales Coach, when combined with all the additional guides!

As an added bonus, some ideas on how to save time for yourself as sales manager, so
that you can actually make the time to do more sales coaching with your sales team – are also included!

In summary:

  • A series of videos around sales coaching that when combined with all the supporting guides and downloadable resources/guides/tools will help you excel in your coaching role and maximise the results from your sales team.
  • A practical coaching toolkit that can be tailored for you and your business – and one you can use straight away!