What if you could carry in your pocket “The Answer to Every Sales Challenge” currently preventing you from hitting your targets; such as how to stop being commoditised and hammered down on price or how to get through to the decision maker who has the real purchasing power.

Regardless of whether you’re new to the selling profession or a battle-hardened veteran of sales, the online Exceed9 Sales Professional ‘Pocket Mentor’ Group is the best place to keep you motivated, discover new techniques, discuss innovative ideas and most importantly get all your questions answered by one of the top UK’s innovative business sales and marketing growth consultants.

Tony Armstrong, creator of the Exceed9 Methodology

My name’s Tony Armstrong and I’ve been in sales for over 34 years and helped 1000’s of salespeople around the world dramatically improve their results.

However, it’s an unfortunate fact that many sales professionals are left feeling ‘high and dry’ by their companies because they are not given the support they desperately need and deserve.

So let me ask you a quick question.

As a sales professional, do you ever feel:

  • driven into the ground by customers who can’t see the value you bring and instead would rather grind you down to paper thin margins before running off to the nearest competitor just to save an extra tuppence,
  • frustrated because you struggle to get through to the key decision makers or worse, waste valuable time going round in circles talking to the wrong people who don’t have the power to make a decision,
  • concerned that the sales techniques you’re using could be old-school and that there are better ways of working with your customers so that everyone wins, meaning you get better results, more security and bigger commissions.

If any of these resonate with you, then keep reading.

To help support sales professionals around the UK, my team and I have created an exclusive closed access Facebook group where you can raise any challenge that’s preventing you from hitting your goals and ask any questions to help you become a better salesperson.

In this group, we specifically answer members’ questions through ‘Feet On The Street’ videos, filmed whilst we’re out supporting sales teams all across the UK; and by hosting the group on Facebook means you always have access to the group at any time on your smart phone or computer.

Now, if you are wondering why I can help you, it’s because I’ve helped 1000’s of salespeople improve their sales skills, increase their closing ratios, find more opportunities and sell more naturally in massive world wide corporations and also regional SMEs across the UK, including:

And this is what some of the people I’ve worked with have said

Tony and BMD Global have worked with AFC Bournemouth providing sales and leadership training courses. The sales training course has been of huge benefit and helped the commercial team deliver increased sales figures and improve overall confidence and knowledge throughout the sales process.

Rob Mitchell

Commercial Director, AFC Bournemouth

Anyone thinking of outsourcing business development and sales training, Tony and his Company should be number 1 on your list of people to call………..He is an absolute doer not teller!

Jeff Lester

Director, SPV Property Solutions

Tony is a very personable business consultant and has helped immensely in developing a more professional approach to the sales side of the business. He has highlighted the science of selling where preparation and subtlety are key. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to others and I look forward to working with him again soon.

Alun Reece

Technical Director, Loop Technology Ltd

In addition to specifically answering your questions, my team and I will be creating additional series of videos to help you on topics such as:

  • Selling against competitors who have a higher brand profile than you,
  • How to deal with buyers who are completely ‘priced-focused’,
  • Innovative ways of selling to your market so that you stand out against your competitors,
  • Methods of increasing sales productivity so that you don’t have to work every hour just to stand still,
  • How to increase sales even in a gloomy and worrying ‘Brexit’ economy,
  • The best way to build referral-based sales networks that will exponentially explode your sales opportunities,
  • Lead generation techniques to find hot new prospects who want to talk to you about your products and services,
  • Techniques to effectively go up the chain of command so that you don’t get boxed in by the purchasing department and forced to compete on price alone,
  • Cold calling techniques that make gatekeepers want to put you through to the right person,
  • Ways of ensuring prospects do not blow you out at the last second because they’re suddenly too busy to make that scheduled appointment,
  • Objection handling and more importantly how to have conversations that minimise objections in the first place,
  • …and much more!

Most importantly, because I’m still out there ‘selling’ every single day as well as working directly with top sales teams to improve their results, everything discussed and all answers given are ‘real-world techniques’ that just work. No theory, no fluff. Just real actionable strategies that will get you results right now.