As a sales director, you know that you need your sales team performing in the best possible way at all times (and especially when you’re not with them).

Trouble is, salespeople, in reality, can be a little fickle – charging around from crisis to crisis, travelling here and there, very often in an unplanned way and usually driven by the whim of their most demanding customers, or the ones that just shout the loudest!

So, the reality is that our sales people are inefficient with their time; lack direction day-to-day on who to go see and when; have little thought for what is needed in the three areas of their business i.e. keeping and growing what they’ve got; managing their pipeline effectively and objectively; and also closing down brand new business!

Indeed, very often salespeople don’t think about the bigger picture of how what they do today will lead to better results for them and the business in future!

Obvious stuff maybe?

What if we could empower your salespeople and help them become ‘MDs of their own destiny’ on their territories; or equally in other areas of your business in which salespeople work for you? Externally in the Field? Internally on the telephones? Or in Customer Service or Sales Support roles?

How do they manage their admin time versus selling time? What are they doing in terms of growing their new business opportunities? How are they closing down that oh so important pipeline? What are they doing to build their customer relationships and grow more from what they already have got?

If it’s not being managed by them, then how on earth can we ever expect the best results to be delivered by our sales teams? There is a clear management need here to ensure that our salespeople are continually maximising their efforts and keeping a finger on their own pulse, so that they are performing at their best.

At BMD Global, we recognise this is a very common challenge; so we have devised a method by which you can do that. And in collaboration with your sales team, (so that you gain their buy-in), to produce a sensible and practical activity monitoring tool that will make sure you ‘keep on the money’ as a sales force.

Yes, there needs to be a degree of trust in all of this; and a healthy reality check from you from time to time on what your salespeople are actually doing as their sales director will do no harm, but what if we could get into them the importance of and ownership for their daily activity management and be far more efficient?

Better sales results will follow, sure as night follows day! And they will Exceed9!

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