Discover how to you can easily uncover the hidden profits in your business using “The Exceed9 Differentiation Engine™”

This cutting-edge online software tool uses the Exceed9 Product Fingerprinting Technology™ to rapidly identify your marketplace-uniqueness, uncover untapped opportunities in existing product-lines and uncover points of differences to use as Instant Advantages.

Giving you all the proof needed to confidently make informed “sales, marketing & product development” decisions that will strengthen your current market position and quickly gain an extra sales uplift from the resources already inside your business – meaning you don’t have to hire an expensive market research agency, undertake expensive and risky new product innovation or radically change your business to get the same results.

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What other users say about the system

As Directors, we’re always trying to make difficult decisions based on what we think is happening in our business, what we believe is going on in the marketplace and what’s happening at our customers, suppliers and competitors – so like “jelly beans”, the more data you’ve got to help you make good decisions, the better.

S. Matthews

MD, Industrial pumps supplier

Using the product-specific BDQ chart made creating a prioritised list for marketing our different products in 2019 so simple. 

M. Lynes

MD, Fixings supplies company

It gives you “clarity and intelligence” over which products are worth investing money, time and resources in – and which products are profitable.

So rather than blunder along… it means you have the knowledge you need to make the right decisions.

P. White

MD, Medical supplies company

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Still not convinced?

Every business owner and company director who has used this system has gained substantially far more return through their ahaas, company-specific insights and practical ideas.

Therefore, because we are so certain you will gain a positive result using The Exceed9 Differentiation Engine™, we will put our money where our mouth is by promising that if you do not discover anything new about your business that you can practically use to increase your profits once you have been through the system, we will simply give your money back.